On January 26, 2023, it was finally that time again. Rector Seidler opened the TU Ball together with the representative of the TUW student body in the Hofburg ballrooms. With a lot of love the opening was arranged. To the sounds of the TU Orchestra and the TU Choir, there was a successful mixture of traditional procedure, new ideas and an elaborate choreography of the Young Ladies and Young Men Committee. With the "Nachtschwärmer" by Leonard Bernstein, very special musical accents were set this year at the start of this unique ball.

The TU Ball is the oldest ball event still existing in Vienna. Its beginnings go back to the "Techniker- Kränzchen", which were held regularly from the foundation of the Polytechnic Institute (today's TU Wien) in 1815.  

The music program in the various state rooms of the Hofburg ranged from classical waltz music and big band sound to New Orleans jazz and Latin American rhythms. The ACE Lounge in Radetzky Apartment II was also a great place to dance to jazz music. In addition, our students and alumni enjoyed the many stimulating conversations. It was great to greet old familiar faces and many new ones again.

Make a note of the date for the next TU Ball: Thursday, January 25, 2024. We are already looking forward to our community and another glittering ball night!


A part of the ACE Management team with escort

Petra Aigner and alumni

Petra Aigner with alumni

Prof. Martens, Mag. Aigner and guests

Prof. Martens, P. Aigner and Alexander Ertler with escort

Students of the MSc ETIA

Students of the MSc ETIA

Boston Heat

Boston Heat

Great ballroom

Dancing couples in the Festsaal