Raymaier speaking

Our speaker at the last alumni event was Leopold Reymaier, a 2012 Renewable Energy Systems graduate.

Leopold has been active in photovoltaics and in the renewable energy business since 2009 with experience in financing and investment.

He was responsible for project financing of a € 6bn investment in wind and solar energy for a large German bank. He then switched his focus to project development. Along with an investor, Leopold was responsible for the development of different wind and solar energy projects.

From the seed idea to securing the site to obtaining the permits, building and operating power plants all the way to dismantling and recycling old machines, Leopold was in charge covering the whole life cycle of projects.

In recent years, he has also expanded his renewable base into hydrogen and sector coupling.

In 2022, together with his business partner Leopold founded their renewable energy infrastructure company called GREEMER.

Q: How does your Renewable Energy Systems program help you with your professional life?

A: This MSc program helped me as a person with my MBA background to better understand the language of technicians. It brought me a deeper understanding of nature. I learned a lot about specifications of renewable energy and about how to optimally integrate renewables in the existing energy infrastructure. The program helped a lot to apply the synergies of the world of technology with the financial and business world.

Q: How do you see the future of sustainability and green energy?

A: Being a sunny-hearted person I see a bright future for sustainability and green energy.

Currently there are two circumstances to wake up our society:

  1. Climate crisis that is taking place right in the middle of our continent and happens to all of us along with
  2. the peak of energy prices which originated when Russia started to use energy as an economic weapon (before the start of the Russian war against Ukraine). This reached its culmination point after the start of this war.

These two circumstances drew everyone's attention: Energy is a precious commodity. It needs to be perceived as a highly valued good. This perception will raise awareness for the need for locally produced green energy. With GREEMER we are offering exactly this.

Q: How does your finance background help you?

A: Having the most innovative technology is not sufficient. It helps a lot but it’s not enough to realize projects. For realization of projects, one needs money. Money is invested only for projects that realize returns for the investors. So my finance background helps me to sharpen my focus on the business model and the needs of investors and financial institutions. You need a profitable business model to attract investors and financial institutions.

Q: What do you enjoy the most in your job?

A: Our buildings are always GREEMER. And what I enjoy most in my job is to GREEMER buildings make a difference.

Q: What are your goals?

A: My professional goal is to be able to say for once that I have done everything I can to use my skills and competences. My personal goal is to be a person of high integrity.

Some years ago, I decided to only do business with people I value highly and maybe most importantly: people with whom I can have a good laugh.