Academic age

10 years


Physics / Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Interview date

January 22nd, 2019

Emanuela Bianchi in a short interview

I use theoretical (mean field) and numerical (Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics) approaches to investigate the collective behaviors of (appropriately developed models of) soft-matter systems. My broad-range goal is to design units with heterogeneously patterned surfaces in order to steer the self-assembly of materials with well-defined architectures and tunable properties.
I took this path because, during my studies, I was enthusiastic about my courses on Advanced Statistical Mechanics, Critical Phenomena and Liquid Theory.


I had an excellent PhD advisor and a lucky project onto which, also together with subsequent great collaborators, I was able to build my own research line.

I have not noticed anything that may be related to my gender, moreover, during my career path, I got a fellowship only meant for women, so in this sense being a woman broadened a bit my possibilities.

The big challenge came with the kids. Without a fair share of the family load with my partner and without the great social support Austria provided me with, the reconciliation of professional and private life would have been quite challenging.

Pursuing a research idea can be rewarding as well as very dangerous for your self-esteem. So my recommendations is to be self-confident on the basis of what you are and not of what you find.