Professorin für Non-classical logics in Computer Science

Geburtsjahr und-ort

22.01.1971, Ripatransone (AP) Italy


Computer Science


Interviewdatum: 22. Februar 2012

Professorin Ciabattoni im Kurzinterview

My Forschungsschwerpunkt is theory and applications of logics different from classical (yes/no) logic.  Non-classical logics are very useful in many contexts.  For instance, to build medical decision supports, where a classical (yes/no) approach like “having fever” or “not having fever” cannot  distinguish between e.g.  fever 38C or 39,5C  and  does not take into account  borderline cases  like 37,5C.

After my Master degree I was enrolled to teach the Logic course at the University of Cesena (Italy).   At that time I was not (yet!) an expert of the topic and I started studying Logic on my own and at the same time writing a book for the students,  which became the standard textbook for the Logic course in the Italian universities.   I was fascinated by Logic and decided to do research in this area.


My PhD advisor Daniele Mundici, my colleagues at TU Wien (in particular Matthias Baaz and Alexander Leitsch), and the funding organizations (EU, FWF and WWTF) who allowed me to work in Vienna for several  years before getting a faculty position. I also have to thank Louise, the great Tagesmutter who started taking  care of my son when he was only  7 months old, the TU Kindergarten, and my husband for his collaboration and support.  


I feel like having two full time jobs: mom and researcher, which is often too much. But it is also the double rewarding, and when  I come back home after a long working day and my son says “mamma ti voglio bene” (“I love you mom”) I am maybe extremely tired but I’m really happy.

Work hard, believe in what you do and never give up.