different shapes of CRYS particles

Very high mechanical, chemical and thermal stable polyimides from “green production“ for high performance for polymer composites (Photo: © TU Wien / IMC / Unterlass)

Light-weight microcrystals with tunable properties –
very high mechanical, chemical and thermal stability >650°C – polyimides from “green production“

  • fully crystalline microparticles with high chemical and thermal stability and tunable morphology
  • temperature-resistance up to 650 °C
  • particle sizes in the lower micrometer range
  • tunable particle shapes (e.g. flower-like, platelets)
  • low weight – particularly compared to inorganic fillers, such as ceramics
  • highly compatible with various polymer matrices
  • environmentally-friendly production avoiding toxic and questionable additives – supporting EU’s REACH environmental regulations
  • new products are now becoming possible in terms of radiation, temperature and chemical resistance, at exceptionally low weight

Innovation level:

  • first-time presentation at SIAE – fair novelty
  • patented “green” production process


  • Aerospace industry: turbines, jet engines, seals; electrically insulating parts; thermally insulating, fireproof and radiation-sable parts
  • Mechanical engineering: piston rings, valve seats, rollers, bearing elements, sliding elements, guiding elements, brake pads, compressor parts, moulded parts and housing parts, turbines


green bag lebeled "New Material"