"Doktoratskollegs" are designed to attract an diverse body of students and to prepare them for a career in research.

The aim of the "Doktoratskollegs" is to provide doctoral students with a strong and productive environment to become competent, responsible and independent researchers who are able to make a significant contribution at the forefront in their respective fields:

bioactive - Technologies for Drug Discovery and Production

In the age of global warming and overconsumption, an industrial process must consider not only economical but also ecological aspects. A main aim of the PhD program TU Wien bioactive is the development of a sustainable production process for pharmaceuticals. We use renewable plant biomass as nutrient source for the bio-processes of our fungal expression hosts and set up a biorefinery for maximal resource utilization. Additionally, Life Cycle Assessment, nutrient recycling, waste stream management, and carbon dioxide valorisation are deployed to minimize the ecological footprint of the process.


MolTag - Ion channels and transporters as molecular drug targets

The research goal of MolTag is the characterization of ion channels and transporters aiming at the development of novel drugs. Since drug development is a highly interdisciplinary field, MolTag PhD students will be offered individualized training in a broad range of experimental and theoretical methods.

https://moltag.univie.ac.at/, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster


CO2 Refinery

The main aim of this doctoral college (DK) is to train “one carbon engineers”, which have a unique skillset in converting CO2 and other one carbon molecules like methanol and carbon monoxide into value-added products. The TUW-DK CO2Refinery will contribute by intensive joint research to the development of new processes and high-quality products to use CO2 directly as carbon source.


Contact: Prof. Harasek