Together with the Rector’s Office and the University Council, the Senate is one of the three senior management bodies of the University. The Senate at TU Wien consists of 26 members representing the various groups within the university and is led by a Chair. The Senate takes on monitoring, advisory, legislative and strategic management tasks at TU Wien.

Alongside the regular sittings of the Senate, also attended by the Rector, the Deans, the Deans of Studies, the Chairpersons of the studies commissions and representatives of interest groups (working group on equal opportunities, employee organisations, Union of Students at TU Wien), there are weekly meetings of the management team with spokespersons for each group and representatives of the interest groups.

Like all senates in Austrian universities, the Senate of TU Wien is also represented in the Conference of Senate Chairpersons, which meets regularly to discuss current developments in university policy and, if necessary, to draft joint statements.

The Chair of the Senate also meets regularly with the Chairs of the Senate of TU Graz and the University of Leoben (‘TU Austria’). During these meetings, there is a very open exchange of experiences, specifically involving issues affecting the respective universities.