Evaluation outcomes

Overview of completed evaluation projects and their outcomes - the publicly available documents.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - ETIT was selected for the pilot evaluation at faculty level. The object of the evaluation was the entire faculty with all its components. The Dean of the Faculty was responsible for the evaluation. A panel of experts from foreign universities was appointed to carry out the external evaluation.

The evaluation began in autumn 2022 with the preparation of a self-evaluation report. In May 2023, an on-site visit of the external evaluators took place at the faculty, during which interviews were conducted with the management and faculty members as well as visits to the institutes. In July 2023, the reviewers completed the assessment report and in September 2023, a statement was prepared by the Dean's Office.

From autumn 2023, the recommendations are to be gradually transformed into concrete measures and implemented by the faculty.

The evaluation outcomes (documents in German) are only available to TU Wien members after login.