StudMA regulars' table, a special kind of regulars' table

TU Wien's digitization projects would not be possible without dedicated employees. An important part of the project teams are the student employees - StudMAs. The .digital office regularly invites students to the StudMA regulars' table to initiate an exchange with and between students and to say thank you for their outstanding commitment.

From the very beginning, the digital transformation at TU Wien has been driven and shaped by the participation of TU Wien staff and students. Many of the employees in the projects fulfill both roles and are still actively involved in their studies alongside their project work.

Whether involved in a project team or as a driving force in their own project, the student employees contribute their perspective to the implementation of the digitalization projects in the long term. This is because students' views are always in demand in the .dcall projects and in the Student Life Hacks. In order to encourage exchange between student employees beyond their own project team, the .digital office team invites students to the StudMA regulars' table on various occasions.

Students can talk about their everyday project and university life in a relaxed atmosphere. What is it like to study at TU Wien? Where does the motivation to actively participate in the projects come from? What is it like to be part of the team? This and much more has already been discussed and debated. Accompanied by food and drink, new acquaintances were made and experiences exchanged.  

Now that we are in the new semester and the projects are steadily progressing in their implementation, we would like to thank the StudMAs once again for their commitment to the digitalization projects!

We are already looking forward to the next exchange!