The student identity card (TU card) in chip card format identifies you as a student and thus as a member of TU Wien and serves as a photo ID for identity checks during examinations and in all facilities of TU Wien. The student ID card will accompany you throughout your entire period of study! 

Where do I get the TUcard?

The TUcard is issued by the Admission Office when you enroll in person for the chosen study program. Because the TUcard is an identity card you have to upload a photo during the Online-Registration. Please note that there is no possibility to upload a photo in the Admissions Office! It is therefore recommended to do the Online-Registration from a personal computer in order to be able to upload the desired photo for the student card without any problems.

Validity of TUcard?

The validity date of the ID is on the back. If you have been duly admitted and have reported the continuation of your studies to each semester during the admission period by paying the Students’ Union fee or tuition fee.  The ID card is always valid until 30th November for the summer semester and is always valid until 30th April for the winter semester.

Extension of the validity date?

The extension of the validity date is possible after notification of the continuation during the admission period by yourself at the designated terminals (TUcard kiosks) at different locations, opens a file in a new window

I lost my TUcard! What shall I do?

First you have to block your TUcard in your student account. Log in to TISS and deactivate your TUcard under the tab "Organisation" in the menu item "TUcard". Then follow the further instructions in TISS. For the new TUcard you have to upload a photo and pay a card replacement fee of 15 Euro.

Next step is to report the loss to the Magistrat or the theft to the police.

If you have successfully ordered a new TUcard, come with an official ID card (e.g. driver's licence, passport) and the notice of loss or theft to the Admissions Office during opening hours. There you'll receive your new TUcard.