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Welcome to the future!

What 2021 has in store for us has been one of the most frequently asked questions of recent weeks. I can at least give you a taste of what plans the .digital office has got up its sleeve for the coming weeks.

[Translate to English:] Willkommen in der Zukunft 2021

I hope you have had a good start to the New Year and that you have managed to put last year well and truly behind you. Hopefully you managed to recharge your batteries over the holiday period and are now raring to get going with 2021. I managed to switch off pretty well and my brain is already buzzing with new ideas for this year. Naturally, the following still applies: if you have a subject that you think is worthy of a blog post, or even if you fancy writing your own blog post, contact the .digital office any time.

What 2021 has in store for us...

...has been one of the most frequently asked questions of recent weeks. As Santa didn't leave me a crystal ball under the Christmas tree, I don't have all the answers to that question. However, I know that here in the .digital office, we will continue to attempt to make the most of this year, as will many of our colleagues at TU Wien. I can at least give you a taste of the rough plan for the first half year:

Introducing the .dcall projects

On the morning of 16 February, we shall be inviting you to find out more about the .dcall projects - the digitalization projects from TU Wien for TU Wien. We are organising a "Question Time" with project managers to give a brief presentation of the projects. You will also have the opportunity to ask the project managers anything that you want to know about the projects. Due to the restrictions currently in force, this will be a virtual meeting. You will receive an invitation in advance.

The .digital update in the summer semester

One thing you can rely on is that we will also continue to keep you informed about the digital transformation process at TU Wien. Plans for the .digital update in the summer semester are slowly getting started and in all likelihood, the update will take place on 17 May. You can count on us to provide you with all the details in good time. Hopefully, by then, we will be able to welcome at least some people to the Kuppelsaal in person. The event will certainly be streamed.

Focus groups will also play a major role this year: your input and experiences of the projects as well as your ideas on benchmarks will flow directly into new measures for enhancing the digitalization strategy. We will support this in the usual way and also keep an eye on the benchmarks. And something we are particularly looking forward to: in the second half of the year, there are plans for the second stage of the .dcall projects, based on the new measures.

On that note, we wish everyone a good and successful start to the New Year! We hope you will also continue to shape the digital transformation at TU Wien with us this year!