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Site visit to KIA Slovakia and CEIT (Central European Institute of Technology)

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After the business topics the participants get in touch with more topics in the automotive industry. It starts with the quality and process management in the automotive industry. To get practical insights about this topic the participants of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry visitedKIA Slovakia, opens an external URL in a new window, opens an external URL in a new windowand CEIT (Central European Institute of technology)., opens an external URL in a new window.

In December 2006 KIA Slovakia, opens an external URL in a new window, opens an external URL in a new windowhas started the car production. Now with around 3800 employees it is producing yearly around 350,000 cars in three different models and 7 types of engines. In 2016 Kia Motors Slovakia manufactured a record 612,900 engines and 339,500 passenger vehicles which are delivered to 95 countries. Hyundai Motors Company in Czech Republic gets a half of produced engines. Soon KIA Slovakia will produce its 3millionth car. After the short company presentation the plant tour started from body shop. With more than 360 robots the production lines are highly automatized. It has 100% welding automation ratio. The plant tour continued in the assembly hall where every day 1395 cars are assembled.

As the next participants visited CEIT (Central European Institute of Technology)., opens an external URL in a new window It provides the innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity. Together with Volkswagen Slovakia it provides the autonomous guided transport systems. The company deals with the Industrie 4.0, IoT, 3D systems, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. During the tour the realized solutions were presented and participants had possibility to test the solutions by themselves. It was also good opportunity to see the trends in the research and development of CEIT.

The participants and program team would like to thank KIA Slovakia and CEIT for the excellent organization and efforts.

The Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program, opens an external URL in a new window(2017-2019) starts on October 19, 2017 for the 9th time. The application is for short time possible.