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Visiting Fellow: Tim White

We welcome our colleague Tim White! Tim’s research examines urban residential change under financialization. He recently completed his PhD at the London School of Economics, where he investigated the rise of the co-living sector. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University examining the politics of land value capture. Tim's work draws on the fields of urban studies, political economy and economic sociology, with a focus on the qualitative dimensions of political-economic change. In particular, he studies how the financialization of housing is enabled and bolstered by new ways of talking about, quantifying and extracting value from residential space. He also researches the phenomenon of shrinking homes and the growing role of digital technologies in housing markets.

Recent publications:

White, T. & Madden, D. (2024). Housing Ideology and Urban Residential Change: The Rise of Co-living in the Financialized City. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, p.1-17.

White, T. (2023). Beds for Rent. Economy and Society, p.1-25.

Harris, E., Nowicki, M. & White, T. (2023). The Growing Trend of Living Small: A Critical Approach to Shrinking Domesticities. Routledge.