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Although the term digital transformation doesn't exactly roll easily off the tongue, we should all still be paying attention to it. is a new event format that once again gives you the opportunity to become actively involved in the transformation process at TU Wien. Register as soon as possible – places are limited!

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Digital progress will happen, whatever our personal opinion on the subject, so our aim should be to play as active a part as possible in shaping the digital future. That's why TU Wien has been pursuing a comprehensive digital transformation process for more than three years. After all, digital measures should support all members of TU Wien in their everyday work over the long term – as well as identify new approaches to problem-solving. During this time, the .digital office has been supporting this process on behalf of the Rector's Office. One of our key tasks is to create new programmes that allow as many interested parties as possible to participate in this process. For example, using the virtual formats that became essential over the last two years or by hosting face-to-face events, as now it is particularly important to get back to talking to people face-to-face, especially about digital issues. – we are all helping to shape the digital transformation process!

To make it easier to talk to people face-to-face again, we have designed a new event format that invites you to get involved, think about things and have your say: At this face-to-face event, we ask ourselves questions about a specific key issue that as members of the university, we want to take further. It's happening on Tuesday 21 June 2022, from 9-11 a.m. at TUtheSky on Getreidemarkt. This is the first event in the new format, and we will be examining the topic of "Digitalization and Organisation" in more detail. We will be holding a sort of moderated brainstorming session for a large number of people to work on various issues on an equal footing. There will, of course, be some input from the .digital office in advance, so that you are not left completely in the dark. And to round it all off, we will collect all our findings and look at them again, together. It is certainly worth getting involved; everybody's ideas are welcome!