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TU Wien Research Data: Advice for students

Students are welcome to use the TU Wien data repository. We have compiled relevant information in a guide.

The image shows a pictogram of a dinosaur, with the text "404 ERROR not found" below it and "Won't happen to your data" next to it. At the bottom right is the URL of the data repository, and at the bottom left is the image source. In the top left corner is the TU Wien logo.

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A theme from our current information campaign - aimed at researchers and students.

The data repository TU Wien Research Data, opens an external URL in a new window can, for example, store and publish data generated as part of a Bachelor's, Master's, diploma, or PhD thesis. When uploaded to the repository, the data is given a permanent identifier, a DOI, which can be mentioned in the thesis and thus enables a direct link to the data.

The new guide for students and their supervisors explains what students need to consider when publishing research data. The questions and answers contained in the guide supplement the general FAQ on the data repository. They will be extended and adapted as required. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email us.


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