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TU coLAB training - publish content, coordinate teams, share knowledge, obtain feedback

Once again, we are inviting you to another basic training session for TU coLAB this semester! Over the course of two mornings in this interactive online workshop, we will tell you all you need to know to start working in the TU coLAB space without further delay.

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TU coLAB basic training: online 9 and 10 March

In these two sessions, to be held online as usual, Christiane Cimzar-Egger and I will be giving you an introduction to working with TU coLAB. The first steps will guide you on the key functions in TU coLAB, where the most useful macros for day-to-day work are also explained. You will have plenty of opportunities to try it out for yourself in practical exercises, and there will be time for questions too. Registration remains open until 23 February!


TU coLAB provides a space for teams and communities that spans the boundaries of organisational units. TU employees can create a central source of information and knowledge base and work on it together. The flexible working environment allows the entire team to be involved without initiating a flood of e-mails. Tasks can be recorded in meeting notes and forwarded to the people responsible for actioning them straight away. Documents can be developed together and elements of text can be discussed using the comment function. Anyone using the blog feature will keep the team up to date with announcements and the latest information.

Questions, tips and tricks

Regardless of the training provision, however, the .digital office team is of course always available for questions, tips and tricks. With this in mind, there is, for example, the weekly online surgery, where users can discuss ideas with other users, as well as talk about new enhancements. And if any urgent questions pop up in the meantime, our top tip would be to post them to the TUchat channel #tucolab_community. Answers here do not just come from the .digital office, but also often from other experienced users, who might be quicker to respond than we are.

For those of you who like to keep things short and sweet: the TU coLAB Cheat Sheet is a handy starting point for those initial big questions that come up when getting to grips with TU coLAB; a video is also now available.