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The Future of Mobility - Key-Learnings of the ACE-Symposium

Our experts Prof. Wolfgang Güttel, Dr. Sandra Stein, DI Thomas Rührlinger, Dr. Michael Nöst, MBA, Mag. Silvia Angelo und Mag. Georg Kapsch shared their expertise & insights on opportunities & challenges in the future of mobility.

ACE Symposium

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Dr. Stein

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DI Rührlinger

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Dr. Nöst

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Mag. Angelo

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Mag. Kapsch

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ACE Symposium Experts

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ACE Symposium Prof. Güttel & Mag. Angelo

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Roundtable Exchange

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In line with the motto "Connecting Science, Technology & Business." the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (TUW ACE) regularly organized ACE Symposiums for our participants to learn about the current and future trends in diverse business areas. A further benefit of this event is to exchange experiences with representatives from different areas and companies, business and research, share their expertise and insights on opportunities & challenges.

Mobility is currently undergoing a phase of fundamental transformation The future of mobility is facing great challenges, but at the same time has enormous potential. At the ACE SymposiumThe Future of Mobility” on February 22, 2022 top experts from research organization to mobility companies spoke about their insights on opportunities & challenges and their efforts to realize the future-oriented mobility solutions.

During the ACE-Symposium the following topics and questions were discussed among others:

  • What will vehicles be able to do in the future?
  • What are the (legal) framework conditions and expectations?
  • Which challenges will we face and which forms of implementation will be used in response?
  • Which role can hydrogen play in mobility?
  • Which potential do decentralized, renewable energy supply solutions offer for the mobility of tomorrow?
  • Which competencies will managers need in the future to master the "future of mobility"?

The Key-Learnings at a Glance

In her speech on ”Collaborative Mobility – Game Changer or Science Fiction?” Dr. Sandra Stein, Fraunhofer Austria Research and Academic Director of the TU Wien ACE MBA Mobility Transformation, introduced the concept of collaborative mobility and gave two projects as examples for new ways of freight transport and the mobility of entities.

DI Thomas Rührlinger, from Fronius International started his presentation on“Renewable Energy Solutions for Battery- and Fuel Cell Electric- Vehicles” with a general overview about the environmental challenges, needs and goals the society is facing. He highlighted the chances and solutions for decarbonizing mobility as an important part of the energy transition. As practical solutions he presented examples ofTurnkey solutions for local / regional production of green hydrogen.

Complementary to previous presentations Dr Michael Nöst, MBA, CEO of A3PS (Austrian Association of Advanced Propulsion Systems) spoke about "Different Vehicle Categories & Use Cases Demand Different Technological Approaches on the Way to a Carbon-Neutral Future". Thevarious "green" vehicle and aircraft propulsion technologies and their applications were presented. At the end he reported new products and solutions at the CES 2022 in January 2022.

Mag.a Silvia Angelo, Member of the Board, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG dedicated her speech “The Railroad Rebound: How Mobility Transition Tackles the Climate Crisis” to the topic of mobility transition and public infrastructure. She presented her assessments and what is needed to make this turnaround a success on the basis of following theses, such as the necessity of a sustainable mobility turnaround, digitalization, a strong public commitment for investments and increasing efficiency.

Mag. Georg Kapsch - Kapsch TrafficCom emphasized "Digitalization in Mobility" is on its way both in infrastructure as well as in the vehicle. Platforms will collect aggregate and process data from vehicles and infrastructure using them to control and steer vehicles in an intelligent, convenient and environmentally friendly way. The notion is convenience and safety for commuters and lowest impact on the environment and people living in a healthy world.

In the format of roundtables, two rounds of exchanges in small groups were organized. Participants had the opportunity to personally meet our experts and to share their own professional experiences and best practices cases with them and each other.


  • Prof. Wolfgang Güttel, Professor for Leadership & Strategy at the Institute of  Management Science, Dean of TU Wien ACE & Academic Director of our MBA Strategic Management & Technology.
  • Dr. Sandra Stein – TU Wien, Academic Director of our MBA Mobility Transformation, Head of Research Fraunhofer Austria Research
  • DI Thomas Rührlinger – Fronius International, Business Development Hydrogen Solutions , Business Unit Solar Energy
  • Dr. Michael Nöst, MBA – CEO, A3PS (Austrian Association of Advanced Propulsion Systems)
  • Mag.a Silvia Angelo – Member of the Board, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
  • Mag. Georg Kapsch, CEO Kapsch TrafficCom

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