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Student Life Hacks - now being implemented!

The next round of student digitalisation projects begins with three new projects. Specific projects were developed from selected ideas, in which the needs of the students are in the focus.

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For the third time, digitalisation projects by students for students are being implemented at TU Wien. In November 2022, the ideas for the current projects were selected by the students in a voting. The students were asked to determine the most important, exciting or necessary - digitally solvable - improvements for their everyday student life at TU Wien. There were seven ideas to choose from, from which three emerged as the top topics: an "overview calendar for studies", a "diploma topic and project collaboration forum" and a "personal start page for studies"

Now it's time for implementation:

From these three ideas, projects are now being developed in which intensive emphasis is placed on the participation of students. The multi-layered perspectives of the students on the problems are particularly valuable. In order to bundle these perspectives in a meaningful way and to develop comprehensive solutions for the diverse student body of the TU Wien, the project team has set up a "roadmap" to collect these perspectives: Through surveys and workshops, they are approaching the solutions for the following three projects together with students.

  • Calendar - How much overview is needed?

The first project focuses on how students deal with the available calendars and integrate their course information into the calendar applications of their choice. In workshops and small groups, the current situation will be assessed and possible alternatives will be worked out.

  • Diploma topic wanted - would you like to work on a project?

At TU Wien, diploma topics are offered in many places, and the same applies to the offer of project work positions for students. In the project, an overview of the numerous contact points is created and a proposal for a better overview is developed.

  • Starting page for studies - very individual

A good overview is important in every study programme. How and what students access the wide range of digital tools that accompany them in their studies will be examined in the third project. The search is on for the "ideal" study homepage and its individual adaptation is being tested.

Any new ideas in mind? Just write them down!

The Student Life Hacks give students the opportunity to take an active role in shaping everyday life at TU Wien at a certain point in time. However, new ideas are always welcome at the .digital office, regardless of whether there is a voting or a competition going on!

If you have a digital solution for improving everyday student life at TU Wien, let us know! The idea box is always available for you, with just a few clicks you can tell us your idea and additionally rate ideas that have already been entered. We look forward to your "thinking ahead"!

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