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Student Life Hacks – Participation is Key

Turning ideas into solutions for as many TU Wien students as possible requires multi-layered reports of experiences and bundled individual views. To achieve this, we rely on surveys, discussions and workshops in the Student Life Hacks projects. In this way, the idea of one individual becomes a solution for as many as possible.

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Participation is at the heart of Student Life Hacks from the very beginning. From brainstorming to project implementation - the diverse viewpoints of the students are what make the projects so successful. In order to tap into the broadest possible field of users, the project teams have always undertaken several changes of perspective in recent years: Face-to-face conversations with student representatives, surveys for students to capture a broad spectrum of views, and workshops to delve deeper into the topic.

The current Student Life Hacks projects, "overview calendar for studying", "diploma topic and project collaboration platform" and "personal start page for studying", also take specific steps to achieve this change of perspective. The first step is a survey for all students at TU Wien. Using surveys and open questions, satisfaction with the current offer and ideas for changes and adaptations will be collected.

Accompanied by direct discussions with student representatives, the results of the survey provide a broad picture of the problem solutions required in the projects. In a final third step, the topics are worked on in depth in workshops with students in order to consolidate the many opinions that have been collected.

In the current Student Life Hacks projects, the goal is to generate a catalogue of requirements for functions that are tailored to the needs of students. With broad-based participation, the projects can take a multi-layered look at and analyse existing offerings. Together with the students, existing potential for improvement can be discussed and necessary adjustments can be developed.

Participation is always in demand for new ideas:

The Student Life Hacks projects are based on ideas submitted by students. In the .digital office, new ideas are always in vogue! If you have a digital solution for improving everyday student life at TU Wien, please let us know at any time! The idea box is always available for you, with just a few clicks you can tell us your idea and additionally rate ideas that have already been entered. We look forward to your "thinking ahead"!

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