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Start of the i²c Founder & Investor Talks TU Wien Alumni Edition

Although many TUW alumni were already among the speakers since 2012, the i²c now offers an additional stage for their success stories.

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For already more than 6 years, the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) organizes the Founder & Investor Talk Series, taking place every year during the summer semester. This year, the i²c launches an additional TU Wien Alumni Edition of the Founder & Investor Talk Series taking place during the winter semester.

The i²c Founder & Investor Talks enable the diverse audience to learn first-hand from experienced founders and investors. They share lessons learned, dos and don’ts during their talks and answer the participants’ questions in interactive Q&A-sessions. The audience benefits from given tips and hints and gets valuable insights into the founder’s as well as the investor’s perspective. The talk series offers the possibility to network with like-minded people in relaxed atmosphere accompanied by some drinks. Videos from last year’s talks are available on the i²c Youtube-channel.


Overview of the i²c Founder & Investor Talks TUW Alumni Edition WS 2018/2019:

WED, November 21st 2018, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Talk #43 “A serial entrepreneuse - Ask her anything!” with
Barbara Ondrisek
, Co-Founder & CEO at Chatbots Agency, Co-Founder of Women&&Code
(EI 10 Fritz Paschke Hörsaal)
REGISTRATION: <link http: fitalkondrisek _blank>, opens an external URL in a new window

WED, December 19th 2018, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Talk #44 “From Lab to World Market Leadership” with
Johannes Homa
, Founder & CEO of Lithoz GmbH
(EI 10 Fritz Paschke Hörsaal)
REGISTRATION: <link http: fitalkhoma _blank>, opens an external URL in a new window

WED, January 16th 2019, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Talk #45 - Title will be announced soon with
Armin Sageder
, CEO of Playtech BGT Sports, Former Co-Founder of
(EI 10 Fritz Paschke Hörsaal)
REGISTRATION will be available soon on Eventbrite.


All talks will take place in Hörsaal EI 10 Fritz Paschke at TU Wien, Gußhausstraße 27-29, ground floor. Free entry but registration is necessary (Eventbrite).


FIRST TUW ALUMNI TALK: F&I Talk #43 on Nov. 21st with Barbara Ondrisek

Dr. Barbara Ondrisek, serial entrepreneur, public speaker and enthusiastic software developer, starts the 1st season of the new F&I Talks TUW Alumni Edition with her talk “A serial entrepreneuse - Ask her anything!”. After writing her dissertation about IT-security of e-voting at TU Wien, she created Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot, one of the first chatbots on the Facebook Messenger and Skype platforms worldwide. With its success, she founded the Chatbots Agency. She co-organizes many events and initiatives about AI, chatbots, machine learning and coding. Recently she co-founded Women&&Code, a non-profit initiative to teach women how to program in Vienna. She will talk about her road from a free-lancing engineer to CEO of a successful company, the upsides and downsides, many lessons learned and strategies how to make a company work.
Free registration and more information: <link http: fitalkondrisek _blank>, opens an external URL in a new window

The Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) is looking forward to many interested participants!