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Review of the .digital roadshow launch events

The .digital roadshow series has formally heralded the digital transformation process at TU Wien. (Co-)working in focus groups is now underway to achieve project implementation quickly.

Digitalization, digital transformation, focus groups: we've been hearing these terms a lot lately at TU Wien. After all, a total of five .digital roadshow events have taken place in recent weeks. One event was scheduled for each of the two faculties on one campus or site. All employees in service offices, central departments and in the faculties were also invited to a joint event.

The .digital roadshows: kicking off the digital transformation process

The digital transformation process will keep TU Wien – and its employees – busy for some time to come. Successful implementation of the process can only be achieved if as many members of TU Wien as possible are involved in it and shape it together. The first step is to ensure that many have already heard of the digitalization strategy, are familiar with its objectives and measures, and understand its high priority for university management. The .digital office team and its responsibilities were presented in the series of events and the leaders of the four focus groups (teaching, research, administration, infrastructure), opens an external URL in a new window also invited everyone to participate.

Collaboration using new tools

These days, collaboration takes place in person, as well as digitally. The new TUchat, opens an external URL in a new window and TUwiki, opens an external URL in a new window digital tools have been made available and are serviced at TU Wien in accordance with information security requirements. In addition, an audience response system, ARS Nova, opens an external URL in a new window, is already available at TU Wien and lends itself particularly well to teaching.

Participants were also invited to collaborate then and there at the .digital roadshows. They worked together to gather ideas, projects, issues and questions, which were then written up in the form of a mind map. The presentations and videos at the events, the mind map and all other information can be found in the TUdigital section of the TUwiki, opens an external URL in a new window.

And so it continues

Initial meetings of focus groups on teaching and research have already been held. The focus group on administration will meet for the first time at the end of July. And we head into autumn with the infrastructure focus group. The first topics and ideas will now be collected and discussed over the summer, in order to come up with implementation proposals from autumn. This means that relevant projects can be planned for the next budget period. Later in the autumn, an update event is planned for anyone who is interested – we will inform you of the dates and details well in advance.