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[Releases 2017.15 and 2017.16

In terms of the weather, April is doing itself proud (and exactly what it likes). Over the past two weeks, we have done ourselves proud in releasing detailed improvements to TISS.

TISS teaching

  • Detailed improvements and bug fixes in the Mobility Service

TISS research

  • Detailed improvements in the following areas of the project database:
    • E-mail dispatch
    • Document upload
    • Usability in project management

TISS organisation

  • Recording of visiting professors in TISS
  • Detailed improvement and bug fixes in the areas of
    • Directory
    • SAP interfaces
    • upTUdate Groups
    • Internal events
    • Library user management
    • Law firm information system

TISS internal

  • Session management enhancements
  • Amendments after the previous technology upgrade