News articles

Release 2017.06, 07 and 08

A compilation of the release notes for the past three weeksn

TISS teaching

  • Improvements in the administration of TUWEL courses
  • Improvements in submission of final dissertations
  • Modifications to the teaching checklist
  • Improvement in the display of lists of studies
  • Bug fixes for the calculation of salary levels

TISS research

  • Improved project contract type descriptions, project favourites marking, project overview, project search, e-mail texts
  • Support for final project draft contracts
  • Bug fixes for adding institutes to projects, project workflow

TISS organisation

  • Improvements in the recording of university training courses
  • Adjustments regarding display of the address book
  • Improvement in ABNF display of inactive people

TISS internal

  • Improvements to SAP interfaces
  • Bug fixes in the areas of study fee calculation, study form