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Professional MBA Automotive Industry - Student Voices

DI Frieser

Why did you decide to participate in this program?
My aim was/ is to enhance my personal and professional skills. I take a great interest in the development of strategies, implementation of methods in order to better assess risks, as well as I am interested in improving my leadership abilities. The training for Professional MBA Automotive Industry offers the best opportunity for this because I work in the automotive field. With a deeper insight into the automotive industry and with the new abilities I hope to enlarge my business network and to achieve a position on upper management level.

Can you already apply what you have learned to your professional work?
The modules of the MBA program give you a good overview of the different areas of the automotive industry. On the one hand, it is always requested to improve one’s skills, but on the other hand, I – as an empolyee – am not always allowed to apply or implement everything. Personally, I try daily to apply the knowledge and methods I have learned in order to continuously improve my way of working.

How do you manage to combine working and studying?
I would have to lie when I say it is "easy going". Of course, it depends on how intensively you prepare yourself for the individual modules. In order to balance work and study you must organize yourself, learn continuously and motivate yourself again and again. Therefore, it is important to be realistic about the workload and the private deprivations before beginning the studies because a lot of time, money and vacation days must be invested for a positive outcome.

How important is networking in your studies?
Networking is very important and contributes to a successful study. Those who have a good relationship with their colleagues miss fewer appointments and find it easier to cope with new situations. But not only networking among colleagues is important, but also networking with the lecturer. The study should be used to build a professional network, so that contacts already exist when they are needed in future.

The quota of women in the university program is still low – do you have a piece of advice for women who are interested in our programs?
Don’t hesitate if you want to take part in the program! Do not shy away from the automotive industry, the costs, the learning effort or the majority of men. Do not let others influence you, but make your own decisions. Believe in yourself and trust your instinct. Try everything and do not give up right away. Keep going because there are always new opportunities to take.