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Professional MBA Automotive Industry - Getting deeper insights into two Austrian Hightech companies

Site visit Rosenbauer

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Site visit MIBA

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Rosenbauer International AG in Leonding is the leading manufacturer for the fire-fighting vehicles, advanced fire-fighting components and fire & safety equipment. Since more than 150 years Rosenbauer has been producing fire fighting devices and vehicles. One of major strengths of the company is the production capability of the wide range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials built to both European as well as US standards. The success factors of this company are the high employee commitment in the innovation process, production in three continents, the technological innovation, and advanced design and functional ergonomic engineering.

Looking at 2020, the company is concentrated on focusing on quality and innovation. Agile organization, with more efficient structures and processes, new distribution of sales, in the market for the market and driving standardization are the main company strategic direction. The latest innovation of the company is the fire truck of the future (CFT). It is being developed as response to fire department requirements which need the perfect adapted vehicle to address a constant increase number of incidents with an ever smaller capacity of firefighters.

During the tour through the work shop students had the possibility in getting detailed insights of the production of fire fighting vehicles and devices. At the end participants had possibility to take part in a test drive.

MIBA was founded in 1927. In 1955 the brand name MIBA was introduced and first engine bearings were exported. At more than 20 production sites worldwide MIBA is producing the sintered components, engine bearings, friction material, power electronic components and coatings. The company is one of the leading companies in providing systems and components in the area of engine & energy generation and transmission, in automotive and oil and gas industry. Main products are sintered components, bearings, friction materials, power electronic components and coatings, which are integrated in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, power plants, refineries, compressors and industrial pumps.

Mr. DI Hintringer, MBA is a graduate of the 5th MBA Program. During his MBA study he made a career development to Vice President for Technology and Innovation. He welcomed the participants and introduced the company and its innovation strategies.  He explained how the MIBA AG with the slogan “Innovation in Motion” helps its international customers as a main leading strategic partner to achieve their goals together.

Summarizing - it was a good chance to learn more about the success stories and strategies of two mostly founder’s family owned high-tech companies in Austria and how successful they are in their market.

The program team thanks two companies for their hospitality.
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