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Private Equity and Venture Capital - a new world for our students

The Msc Engineering Management class 2018/20 – visited on January 20, 2020 the Vienna Branch of "Liechtensteinische Landesbank" founded in 1861.

Excursion to the Liechtensteinische Landesbank 2020

After a welcome DI Sibylle Dolecek-Anselment CFP TEP, Director of Private and Institutional Banking gave an insight in this bank especially of the field "private equity and venture capital" as a part of the alternative investment asset class .

Mr. Martin Prohazka (Managing Director, LLB Private Equity GmbH) presented what are characteristics of alternative asset / private capital and what is the power of the private equity model. Furthermore he gave an overview the on private equity assets under management 2003 – 2019, life cycles of business, the stages when you open a company (startup – rapid growth – maturity decline – death) and differences between private equity and venture capital.

For most of us it was an introduction in a completely "new" world and some of us will use this probably in our future "management life". Thanks for the information and hospitality.

Report by Khalid (Iraq)