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New roles, new paths?

Invitation to the discourse evening on Monday, 11.12., 5 p.m. at TUtheSky for a practical reflection on the designability of transformation.

Auf dem Bild ist die Einladung zum Diskussionsabend am 11.12.2023 zu sehen

© Lina Martin

Einladung zum Diskussionsabend

In the face of profound ecological, economic and social challenges, demanding spatial transformation processes are at hand.  Spatial planning plays an important role in shaping these processes. After all, in order to promote targeted change towards sustainability, it is necessary to overcome outdated paths and find alternative approaches. This is no small feat and raises a number of questions:

Which skills and tools does spatial planning have at its disposal to shape, coordinate and initiate transformation processes?  How are the roles and tasks of spatial planning changing? Which "new" approaches and methods are gaining importance? What does this mean for the established understandings of planning? And how can transformation ultimately be shaped or planned?

Together with experts from science and practice, these questions will be explored during the discourse evening. The panel will consist of:

  • MEIKE LEVIN-KEITEL: TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Spatial Planning, Head of Spatial Transformation in the Digital Age
  • WOLFGANG GERLICH: Managing Director & Partner
  • RUDOLF SCHEUVENS: TU Wien, future.lab - Platform for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Teaching and Research, Professor of Local Planning and Urban Development
  • OANA STANCIOIU: nonconform, architect & environmental psychologist
  • JOHANNES SUITNER: TU WienHead of Urban Transformation Research Team at the Research Unit of Urban and Regional Research


Der Diskursabend findet im Rahmen der VU Integrierte Entwicklungsplanung - Ein Planungsspiel zur Transformation, opens an external URL in a new window statt. Und wird von den Forschungsbereichen Örtliche Raumplanung, Regionalentwicklung, Landscape und Verkehrssystemplanung der TU Wien organisert. Die Lehrveranstaltung ist Teil des fakultätsübergreifenden Jahresthemas 2023/2024 "Transformation des Bestands", opens an external URL in a new window

The discourse evening takes place as part of the VU Integrated Development – A Planning Game on Transformation, opens an external URL in a new window and is organized by the Research Units of Local Planning,
Regional Planning and Regional Development, Landscape and Transport System Planning at TU Wien. The course is part of the cross-faculty annual theme 2023/2024 "Transformation of the Existing", opens an external URL in a new window.