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New procedure for publication costs for FWF projects

Publication costs for FWF projects must be submitted online via the elane portal from Jan, 1, 2022 .

Starting Jan, 1, 2022 all requests for refunds of publication costs have to get submitted via the elane portal, opens an external URL in a new window,  the current possibility for email-requests will become invalid after Dec, 31, 2021.

No changes will apply regarding the documents needed:

  • The request form as well as the information concerning the publication have to be provided by filling out the elane-online-form.
  • The relevant invoice as well as the payment confirmation have to get uploaded via the elane portal.

On the part of the FWF your requests will be handled by:

Our department, contact Sonja Rees (ext. no 407308) or, will continue to provide the necessary payment confirmation on request.

Please follow the link on our homepage  (Publikationen | TU Wien) to find more information – not affected by these changes – regarding publication costs.