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NEW: LectureTube Studio

Use LectureTube Studio to create videos via a web browser and upload them directly to a LectureTube series.

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LectureTube Studio allows you to create videos directly via a web browser and upload them to your LectureTube series (= the collection of your recordings in a LVA). This means that you are not tied to any lecture hall during the recording and can record your videos from anywhere. The camera image, the screen, or both can be selected as the recording source. You can trim the front and back of your recorded videos directly in the browser before uploading them.

LectureTube Studio includes

  • Recording the screen
  • Acquisition of the camera image
  • Recording of the audio signal
  • Crop the videos (front and back)
  • Download the recorded video
  • Selection of a series of lectures
  • Upload the video to LectureTube
  • Automatic email notification when the video is available

As additional support, TU Wien employees have access to documents and screencasts to make getting started as easy as possible. If you still have any questions, please contact us via our ticket line: