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New X-ray center at the TU Wien!

The TU Wien is bundling its X-ray diffraction devices in a new, modern X-ray center.

Interior view of the GADDS device

X-rays provide important findings not only in the case of bone fractures - today, X-ray analysis is an indispensable method in materials science. Several research groups at TU Wien use X-rays for their scientific projects. Measurements in these research areas can be done better and easier in the future: A cross-institute and cross-disciplinary X-ray center has been built and equipped with new, modern equipment. On March 11, it will be officially opened by Rector Peter Skalicky, Vice Rector for Research Sabine Seidler and Michael Stampfer (WWTF) and Alexander van der Bellen (City of Vienna).

New equipment for innovative research

"Financing and operating cutting-edge equipment would definitely be beyond the means of a single research group," says Klaudia Hradil. She is the senior scientist now responsible for the new X-ray center. "By concentrating high-quality X-ray facilities at one location, all of our research groups now have access to instruments that certainly don't have to shy away from international comparison," Hradil says. "When equipping the laboratory, one of the main focuses was on the instrumental prerequisites for investigating materials under "non-ambient" conditions," Hradil continues. The change of material properties under real operating conditions at extreme temperatures, pressures and different atmospheres is of particular importance for technological applications, for example in the field of hydrogen storage, chemical catalysis or high-temperature materials. The new X-ray center was realized within the framework of the infrastructure project TU Univercity 2015 in the recently opened chemical building "Lehargasse" at Getreidemarkt. The equipment with new devices was financed from TU funds and with the support of the City of Vienna.

Research focus on materials science

Materials science is one of the main areas of research at the Vienna University of Technology. If you want to develop or improve new materials, you need reliable physical data about their structure and properties. Therefore, various X-ray methods have already played an important role at TU Wien - for example in chemistry and physics, but also in mechanical engineering and solid-state electronics. The combination of the new X-ray center and the already highly successful X-ray fluorescence laboratory at the Atomic Institute now provides first-class coverage of a wide range of X-ray methods at the TU Vienna. Thus, a future-oriented nucleus for new, interfaculty and international cooperation is created.

Time and place of the opening:
Friday, March 11, 2011, 2:00 p.m.
Ballroom of the TU Vienna
Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna

Guests of honor include:
For the TU Vienna:

    Peter Skalicky, Rector
    Sabine Seidler, Vice Rector for Research

For the City of Vienna:

    Michael Stampfer, Managing Director of the WWTF
    Alexander van der Bellen, University Representative of the City of Vienna

For the Ministry of Science and Research:

    Evelyn Novotny, Ministerialrätin
    Evi Frei, Ministerial Counsellor

Enquiry reference:
Dr. Klaudia Hradil
Head of the X-ray Center
Vienna University of Technology
Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Vienna
T: +43-1-58801-17116

Dr. Florian Aigner
Public Relations Office
Vienna University of Technology
Operngasse 11, 1040 Vienna
T: +43-1-58801-41027