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New year, new initiatives in the digital transformation

The year is still young and yet many initiatives are already running at full speed. Submissions for the .dcall 2021 are still possible, the .dTalks are in full swing. And eTUcation plans on setting new standards in teaching.

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This time in December we rang in the "New Year" in the digital transformation at TU Wien by starting the current .dcall 2021. The Rectorate is again funding interesting project ideas with a maximum of € 30,000 each. The projects will then go into implementation in March. As a first step, abstracts can be submitted until January 14th - take the opportunity to help shape the future of TU Wien! Details and the button for submission can be found in the .dcall 2021 area in TU coLAB:, opens an external URL in a new window

Supporting the faculties with the .dTalks

The faculties at TU Wien are responsible for organizing research, teaching and studying in their respective fields of science. The eight faculties thus cover the classic engineering and natural sciences areas and train future technology pioneers. As a result, they play a particularly decisive role in the digital transformation. In the performance agreements, the faculties and the Rectorate set out the goals and priorities for the coming years. In order to create a coherent package of measures for the faculties that is coordinated with the digitisation strategy, the .digital office accompanies the faculties through the .dTalk format in defining goals, measures and key topics in the field of digitalisation. The points determined are then incorporated into the respective performance agreements 2022+ with the Rectorate.

eTUcation - the future of teaching at TU Wien

Teaching is a key task at the largest technical university in Austria. The pandemic and the resulting necessary distance learning showed us that digital approaches and solutions are particularly important in this area. Against this background, the "eTUcation" project was launched in the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs. The aim of this initiative is to establish future-oriented formats in teaching on a sustainable basis. The requirement is excellence, inclusiveness and digitalisation, based on the experience and the developments of the previous distance learning phases. This goes hand in hand with the further development of the teaching processes at TU Wien, which are implemented in accordance with the digitalisation strategy and the projects according to the performance agreement. The faculties should also benefit from this coordinated overall strategy and be relieved of organisational burdens.


TU Wien has big plans for 2022. We look forward to continuing to shape the digital transformation at TU Wien together with you. With this in mind: Have a good and successful start into the new year!