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New Book Publication: „Defining Indicator Systems for Liveable Cities” by H. Kramar and R. Giffinger (Springer Verlag)


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In a new book by the Regional Science Academy, titled "The Future of Liveable Cities," published by Springer Verlag and edited by Luigi Fusco Girard, Karima Kourtit, and Peter Nijkamp, Hans Kramar and Rudolf Giffinger have contributed a chapter on "Defining Indicator Systems for Liveable Cities." In this prestigious publication, dedicated to the regional science concept of "Liveability," the two authors delve into the measurability of this concept and derive recommendations for the development of a comprehensive indicator system for the "Liveability" of cities.


Giffinger, R., Kramar, H. (2023) Defining Indicator Systems for Liveable Cities, opens an external URL in a new window. In: Fusco Girard, L., Kourtit, K., Nijkamp,P. (ed.) The Future of Liveable Cities. The Voice of Regional Science. Springer Nature: Cham, Switzerland. p. 31-54.

ISBN 978-3-031-37465-4 / ISBN 978-3-031-37466-1 (eBook)