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MSc Program Engineering Management - Excursion

"Small and Accurate is Beautiful"

Group picture Excursion

The students from the class of 2021-2023 with the academic program director Prof. Peter Kopacek and the lecturer Prof. Numan Durakbasa

On January 25, 2022, following the third lecture track of the executive MSc program in Engineering Management, the students from the class 2021-2023, joined Prof. Peter Kopacek and Prof. Numan Durakbasa to an excursion to the Precision Measuringlab of the “Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technologies at the TU Wien”.

After a 1.5-day theoretical introduction by Prof. Numan Durakbasa, a guided tour of the labs gave us the opportunity to learn about precision measurement equipment, observe nanoscale measurements, talk to researchers about their projects, and improve our understanding of the use cases of high-precision measurements.

Throughout the tour we received explanations and demonstrations for various high-precision measurement devices such as: Optical microscope, Optical 3D micro coordinate measuring system, Scanning Electron Microscope, CCD-Camera (Charge Coupled Device), Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Confocal Microscope and a 3D Computed Tomography System.

The excursion gave us a new perspective on the impact of metrology.

Metrology is not always “Mega dry”. Metrology is fun!!!!!!

A Report by Hermann Gabriel (AUT)