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MSc Program Engineering Management | online Alumni Expert Talk - Talk #3 Bahadur Ibrahimov

"Cobots: The power of human and robot collaboration to develop touchless solutions"

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Our third alumnus from the online "Alumnus Expert Talk" Talk# 3 is Dr.techn. Bahadur Ibrahimov alumnus from 2014 of the MSc Program Engineering Management.

Collaborative Robots (or Cobots) are emerging as a tremendous force for collaborative automation. The business of traditional industrial robots has expanded from being confined to cages to working hand in hand with humans, and in the same environment.

Cobots enjoy a better acceptance by humans, as by their very nature, they are seen as a collaborator to company employees, instead of becoming their replacement. The rise of collaboration and automation coupled with the global battle against Covid-19 has impacted how we see, do and develop products and services.

The Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centre, Europe (BIC EU), has established an interesting and innovative development of new incubations under a “touchless collaboration” portfolio of solutions. The portfolio varies from collaborative inspection to Cobot-enabled quality assurance, as well as an intuitive robot or Cobot programming methods and remote support solutions.

This talk will describe the story of the portfolio and transformation of Konica Minolta and will give a general overview of human-robot collaboration, responsive collaboration, touchless solutions, and what is on the horizon.

The talk will be given by Dr. techn. Bahadur Ibrahimov, who is the Robotics Programme Manager at the Konica Minolta, BIC, EU. Dr. Ibrahimov has earned a Ph.D. in Robotics and Handling devices from the Institution at TU Wien in Austria. His research interests are inspection robotics, collaborative robots, human-robot collaboration, and intuitive robot programming.


Date: June 21, 2021 | 06.30pm (CET)

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