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MSc Engineering Management - Small and Accurate is Beautiful

On January 28, 2020 the Engineering Management class of 2019/21 made an excursion to the Metrology and Nanotechnology Lab at TU Wien.

MSc Program Engineering Management (Class 2019/21) im Metrologie- und Nanotechnologie-Labor der TU Wien

Class of 2019/21 at the Metrology and Nanotechnology Lab from the TU Wien

After the lecture given by Prof. Numan Durakbasa we had a great opportunity to observe measuring devices and techniques in practice. Before entering the metrology lab, everyone had to wear protective gloves and shoe covers to protect the sensitivity of measurements performed.

In the !"Industry 4.0 Laboratory", we observed a Laser Scanner measuring the nongeometrical shape of a tooth to obtain a 3D digitalized model to then manufacture a synthetic copy of it. More interesting for us was a 3D printer producing the MSc Engineering Management logo using a blue polymer as raw material. Furthermore, we saw a 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in action.

Next stop was in the High Precision Metrology and Nanotechnology Laboratory equipped with a Laser Interferometer for nanoscale resolution measurements of samples up to three meters long. We also observed a Stylus Contact Instrument which is used to measure the surface roughness. The last instrument observed in this lab was the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for measures surface topography as well as for molecular structure elucidation. The result is a 3D image of the surface in nanoscale resolution.

Finally, we visited the Microscopic Measurements Lab equipped with a CCD Camera using Einstein’s photoelectric effect to create images with 1000x enlargement. Very interesting for us a strand of hair of one of the participants.

The excursion gave us a new perspective on the impact of metrology.
Metrology is not always "Mega dry - Metrology is fun!!".

Report by Christina (Mexico) and Ayse Ece (Turkey)