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Course - Lake Sight

Announcement of the course Lake Sight

In many places, there is a commitment to make lakes accessible to the general public and to protect natural areas. In some places this has been achieved, but shoreline areas suitable for bathing have been developed with private houses, accommodation and tourism infrastructure. No trespassing signs often line the shores. The lakes have not yet been systematically researched in an Austrian comparison. We are making a contribution to this with this course.

The course "Lake Sight", opens an external URL in a new window will take place in the summer semester 2021, led by Arthur Kanonier, Judith Leitner, Karin Standler and Sybilla Zech. The third "Lakes Conference" entitled "Water Use: Diving into the Legal Aspects" was held. DI Rupert Schatovitch (spatial planner, formerly Amt der Bgld Landesregierung) and Mag. Daniela Ripan (Velden am Wörther See, Bauamtsleiterin) reported on regional and local planning and enforcement. DI Andreas Gruber (Austrian Federal Forests, Head of Forestry Traun-Innviertel), Mag. Michael Treml (Austrian Federal Forests, Lake Management) and Gerald Egger, MBA (Seewalchen am Attersee, Mayor) gave insights into property and politics on and around the lake.