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IEEE CBI 2023 Conference in Prague

On June 22, 2023, Oleksandr MELNYK presented research results of the Institute of Construction Management at the IEEE CBI 2023 Conference in Prague. The title of his presented paper was "Digitalization in the Construction Industry: The Case of Documentation and Invoicing in Tunneling" and was written in cooperation with the Business Informatics Group of the TU Wien and the University of Leoben under co-authorship of Marco HUYMAJER, Christian HUEMER and Robert GALLER.

Oleksandr MELNYK stands next to the screen and points to his presentation.

© Alexander Grote

Oleksandr MELNYK presents his lecture in Prague.

The topic of the presentation illustrated that integrated digital documentation using the developed open source software TIMS (Tunnel Information Modelling System) is a viable solution for site management and accounting in tunnel projects. It enables a more transparent process and better collaboration between project stakeholders. The use of digital documentation and ERP software ensures a transparent, flexible and secure flow of information, providing users with quick access to data, filtering options and traceability. The presented process proves to be an effective tool for automated creation of documents such as material consumption, labor hours and station reports. The digital transformation of business processes and the use of digital tools reduce the number of interfaces through integrated functions that enable a more transparent and consolidated process, as well as improve collaboration between project stakeholders.

The IEEE CBI conference is one of the leading platforms in the field of business information systems and strives to comprehensively promote understanding of research in the field. Its goal is to highlight the many facets, theoretical foundations, and empirical values of business information systems. Over time, the CBI series has proven to be fertile ground for research of significant impact, serving as a central meeting place for multidisciplinary research that includes contributions from fields such as management science, organizational science, economics, information systems and computer science.