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Friedrich Moser Appreciation Prize for local planning and urban design

[Translate to English:] Vertreter der Gemeinde Trofaiach erhalten den Preis

The "Friedrich Moser Appreciation Prize" is awarded in recognition of the many years of work of University Professor Dr. Friedrich Moser, Emeritus at TU Wien, who founded the Institute for Local Planning in 1974.

This award recognizes projects and achievements of municipalities, federal states, planning associations, associations and private institutions that have made outstanding contributions in the field of local planning and urban design.

In 2006, the "Friedrich Moser Appreciation Prize" was tendered for the first time and the municipality of Brückl in Carinthia emerged as the winner. In 2011, the municipality of Freistadt in Upper Austria was the 1st prize winner.

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Research Unit of Local Planning, the appreciation prize was tendered again. Concepts and planning processes dealing with the topics of inner development, redensification and mobilization of building land reserves, utilization and activation of vacancies and the like could be submitted. Individual steps and measures of the submitted concepts are to be implemented.

Out of 11 projects, one winning project was selected and two recognition prizes (the communities of Bischofshofen in Salzburg and Hinterstoder in Upper Austria) were awarded.
The winner of the "Friedrich Moser Appreciation Prize 2019" is the municipality of Trofaich in Styria. The jury particularly praised the process of involving the local population as well as the implementation of the projects and measures (raising spatial quality, redensification, green and open space and infrastructure improvement measures). The project in Trofaiach stands out from all the others due to the establishment of an inner city manager who coordinates and drives implementation.