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Franziska Sielker: Zoom Lecture as part of the "Lecture in Planning Series" (LiPS) at Columbia University

18 April, 13:15 - The relevance of the European Union's spatial planning policy for planning practice in Europe.

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On 18 April, Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franziska Sielker will give a lecture at Columbia University - Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation as part of the Lecture in Planning Series (LiPS) on " The Relevance of the European Union's Spatial Planning Policy for Planning Practice in Europe ". 

The activities, strategies, funding instruments and the Aquis Communautaire of the European Union contain numerous spatially relevant policies. In her presentation, Franziska Sielker will first give an overview of the variety of EU activities that have a direct impact on planning practice in the EU Member States. She then goes into concrete examples and shows the interdependencies between the EU body of law and the various local as well as national planning and governance systems.

One example Franziska Sielker will present concerns the use of legal instruments in maritime spatial planning. Another example is EU cohesion and transport policy, where spatial development in the EU is significantly influenced by the distribution of funds at EU level. Furthermore, the role of additional governance instruments, such as EU macro-regions, in European cooperation is discussed. To understand the interdependencies between EU-level activities and local-level decisions, the interplay between these three different types of interventions is crucial.

The lecture will take place at 13:15 at the following Link, opens an external URL in a new window.

The Lecture in Planning Series (LiPS) is a regular event at Columbia University in which internationally renowned experts speak on current topics in urban and regional planning.