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The first paper collaboration of the CO2Refinery with the title “Nitrogen recovery from low-value biogenic feedstocks via steam gasification to methylotrophic yeast biomass” was recently published in the journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. This scientific work presents “a novel integrated process concept based on renewable, biogenic feedstocks is proposed connecting gasification with methanol synthesis to enable the formation of protein-rich yeast biomass.”

It is a perfect example how the different areas in the CO2Refinery work together and thereby discover innovative concepts. In this study, not only the utilization of CO2, but also the recovery of nitrogen, a crucial element for life, was investigated in a circular economy manner. “The integrative approach presented offers a sustainable process with multiple applications. It enables a technically feasible solution to partially recover carbon and nitrogen in a reduced form from low-value biogenic feedstocks like sewage sludge. “