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Excursion to Upper Austrian Companies - BRP Powertrain in Gunskirchen and BMW Motorenwerk in Steyr, Professional MBA Automotive Industry

BRP Powertrain Gunskirchen

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BMW Motorenwerk in Steyr

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Professional MBA Automotive Industry
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As the supplement to the Module “Automotive Production and Logistics” the excursion to Upper Austrian companies, BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.) Powertrain in Gunskirchen and BMW Motorenwerk in Steyr took place on October 19, 2012.

At the hall the products which use Rotax engines are displayed, like BRP’s snowmobiles, engines for Can-Am roadsters, and engines for the light aviation industry. After the tour through the production lines, participants visited the Logistic Center just behind the production facility. The logistic center showed a deep insight how they deal with the production by means of the practical demonstrations. It was a good opportunity to see how the logistic and production is working together.

BMW Motorenwerk in Steyr is producing the diesel engines (6 cylinders) as well as gasoline engines (4 and 6 cylinders) and all diesel engines for Mini. In 2011 left more than 1.2 milions engines. More than 80% of BMW cars have a motor from BMW Motorenwerk in Steyr. The research and development of the diesel engines of the BMW group takes places here. After the factory tour the value added production system was introduced. The participants get an overview about the BMW Production system and its practical implementation.

The presentation of two companies is related to the topics from the Module Automotive Production and Logistics. This excursion provided different approach of each company to produce parts/engines in a more effective way.

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