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Female planning pioneers: "100 Jahre brav sind genug"

[Translate to English:] Pionierinnen

As part of the 100 year anniversary, numerous young spatial planners, architects and civil engineers got involved and spent a whole year looking at female role models in planning. In an exhibition (vernissage on December 5, 2019), women who have consistently followed their professional path as planners were given curtain calls. These female planners were pioneers who often had to deal with discrimination and disadvantage by applying different approaches and methods. In spite of all this, they reached their goals and formed different opinions about what discrimination means for each individual.

What all female pioneers have in common is that they had to and (still have to) deal with their self-conception as women and their place in society. In this sense, the publication, which appeared in July 2020, should - in addition to providing information - also encourage women to actively shape their (professional) path, to be inspired and empowered by looking at the achievements of preceding pioneer women.

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