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Congratulations to 35 new CEC-alumni!

On December 2, 2016 35 students of the Master Programs “General Management MBA“, “Professional MBA Automotive Industry” and “MSc Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe” finished their studies successfully and graduated.

Graduation 2016

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The ceremony was opened by the Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education Prof. Bob Martens. He warmly welcomed the audience and gave a brief overview of the historical development of the TU Wien and the Continuing Education Center.  

Doc.Ing. Stefan Stanko, PhD, Vice Rector for Education and International Relations at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava talked about the different changes and developments of the MBA “Automotive Industry” and emphasised that all graduates are trained to deal with current and future challenges in the automotive sector. Prof. Dr. Barbara Brenner, Head of Department for Management and Economics at the Danube University Krems, congratulated all alumni and compared students and their performances to those of superheroes. “You are all heroes” was her key message.  Also, DI Karin Mottl, MSc, Managing Director of the Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, congratulated the students and thanked the TU Wien and the Continuing Education Center for the longstanding and successful cooperation.

The festive speech was held by Frau MR DI Dr. Bettina Bergauer from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, herself an alumni of TU Wien. In her speech, she reminded of the economically prosperous times in the 1970’s and the economic crash in 2008. She further encouraged the graduates to share their knowledge and carry out the vision of a sustainable world. “There is room for change,” she said and at the same time reminded that it takes commitment from everyone– from the state to the single person.

In the main part of the ceremony, the academic degrees and certificates of study completion were awarded for the respective postgraduate programs.

The Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien and the Danube University Krems proudly present the graduates of the General Management MBA:
•    Ekaterina Ambrosch
•    Ali Farhadi
•    Christoph Hofinger
•    Alexandra Müller
•    Jakob Öschlberger
•    Marlene Schuster
•    Adrian Ivanovici
•    Achim-Florian Gornik

The Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien & the STU Bratislava proudly present the graduates of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry:
•    Maximilian Austerer
•    Martina Bellanova
•    Matej Fekete
•    Max Leye
•    Sasa Milenkovic
•    Michael Pollok
•    Stefan Rottensteiner
•    Peter Sabo
•    Hani Batawi
•    Corneliu Antonovici
•    Kenan Bilic
•    Tod Rees
•    Pal-Levente Tibori

The Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien & the Energiepark Bruck an der Leitha proudly present the graduates of the MSc Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe:
•    Cathleen D'Almeida
•    Alex Eruwa
•    Önay Geylan
•    Mario Grassl
•    Ralph Huber
•    Shokouh Moosaie
•    Andre Raffer
•    Robert Schwaiger
•    Roland Szalai
•    Heinrich Thurner
•    Martin  Wilk
•    Bernhard Zlanabitnig
•    Danielle de Oliveira Gibbon
•    Magdalena Jawien

The awarding of the diploma degrees was followed by valedictorian speeches of the different Master programs.

Marlene Schuster, BSc represented the General Management MBA class and reflected on the past 4 semesters. She looked back to the many challenges but at the same time highlighted that each student rather grew on them and did not break down.
The valedictorian for the Professional MBA Automotive Industry, DI Dr. Maximilian Austerer recommended some questions to be included in the next interview sessions, such as questions on the minimum hours of sleep a person needs in order to still function.  
Ms. Cathleen D’Almeida, BA represented the MSc Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe students. She talked about the special class dynamic which she highly enjoyed and emphasized on the multidimensional diversity in class: from young to well-seasoned, students from 10 nationalities from 4 continents and different professional backgrounds.
After the official ceremony, the alumni, the guests of honor as well as the family and friends had a chance to raise their glasses to the successful completion of the program.

We congratulate the alumni and wish them all the best!