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Ceremonial presentation of the student publication on the development of the Wiener Neustadt urban region

The student project "Spatial Development Planning - Urban Region Wiener Neustadt" was brought to a close on March 29 with the handover of the resulting publication to the city of Wiener Neustadt and the surrounding municipalities.

Students of the course "Project 2 Wiener Neustadt Publication" present the final brochure on the development of the Wiener Neustadt urban region. In attendance are representatives from politics and administration. The location is the old city hall in Wiener Neustadt with a parquet floor and a Persian carpet. In the background several flags can be seen.

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Präsentation of the P2-publication Wiener Neustadt

In October 2020, the course started off with a four-day workshop in the Wiener Neustadt urban region. The students had the opportunity to get to know and explore the region on site. 1.5 years later, the brochure "vieles gemeinsam - vieles schaffen" was published to represent the outcome of the student project.

Through interviews with representatives of the participating municipalities, creative visions of the future were developed – they later formed the basis for spatial development models on different thematic focal points. In order to put those development ideas into concrete terms, measure lists were elaborated. Also, the students proposed implementation-oriented, representative lead projects. The course was was rounded off by a virtual presentation, which was followed with great interest by both politicians and the population of the urban region.

The lead projects have now been then summarized in a brochure. Both LAbg. Franz Dinhobl and other community representatives thanked the students for their commitment and were enthusiastic about the publication. "Great! I am pleased that the students have been given the opportunity to present their printed publication to the municipalities of the city region today. This interesting brochure is a great tool for the participating municipalities in the development of the city region," said Ferdinand Scheuer, who is the coordinator on the part of NÖ.Regional.

Apart from the city of Wiener Neustadt, the surrounding municipalities of Bad Fischau, Felixdorf, Theresienfeld, Eggendorf, Zillingdorf and Lichtenwörth were also involved. The project was supported by NÖ.Regional in the course of the cooperation of "Stadt & Land mitanand".

The final results of the project are available via the link, opens an external URL in a new window.