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Faculty Statement | Julia Scheve | "The Digital Roadmap: Essentials"

 Julia Scheve

Since September 2019 Julia Scheve, as a consultant & trainer at Procon Unternehmensberatung, opens an external URL in a new window. Her consulting and training competencies include the implementation of potential analyzes and support for digitization projects as well as the implementation of training courses in the areas of digitization, agility and leadership.

In our learning sprint “The Digital Roadmap: Essentials” we welcome her as a new faculty member for the module “Digitization - Agility - Change” - in a short conversation Julia Scheve explains why she is passionate about digitization, agility and change and what she would like to pass on to others.

How did you come across the topics of "digitization, agility and change"?

Digitization is part of our evolution, it affects our lives both privately and professionally in so many ways that it is impossible to ignore it. Out of fascination for this multi-faceted topic and the desire to pursue a future-oriented profession, I set the course for my current job as part of my studies.

Why are you passionate about these topics?

The deeper I delved into the subject, the more I understood that technology was only part of this big picture, which was also confirmed by my experience as a consultant in digitization projects. I understood more and more that the greatest challenge came from the human factor, who, due to evolution, does not like to change and adapt, which recent history again demonstrates very well. But who or what makes people change themselves and their habits? An inspiring leader - someone I trust even though the path to the goal is unknown! And it is precisely this topic that grabbed me and filled me and fascinated me in an indescribable way, that I developed the need to help developed people to become inspiring leaders.

My goal for this training is to convey this big picture to the participants and to convey to them the successful implementation in the company in addition to the methods they have already learned for a digital transformation.

Details to our compact-program are available at, opens an external URL in a new window, the next program start is on May 27, 2021. Take the opportunity and learn more about the compact program at our information event , opens an external URL in a new windowon May 4, 2021.