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Klima:aktiv Expert

DI Judith Wendelin is a new klima:aktiv Kompetenzpartner

Judith Wendelin

Graduates of the university course Sustainable Construction are qualified to apply for klima:aktiv partnership. DI Judith Wendelin alumna of class 2010-2011 seized the oppurtunity and became klima:aktiv Kompetenzpartner in July 2012. Wendelin who works as consultant for sustainable construction at Alpha Energy & Environment Austria GmbH is therefor a designated expert qualified to implement klima.ativ standards.

klima:aktiv is the Austrian climate protection initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, embedded in the Austrian federal climate strategy. The primary objective of klima:aktiv is to introduce and promote climate friendly technologies and services. For more information (in German) visit, opens an external URL in a new window