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Successful initial phase of the digital transformation

It's a year since the TU Wien digitalization strategy was published. Even though we continue to look ahead, we should allow ourselves to take a brief look back over events of the last 12 months: much has changed.

TU Wien was the first university to decide upon a digitalization strategy and to situate this topic, from an organisational perspective, within the Vice Rector's remit. The .digital roadshow series was launched to provide employees with as much information as possible from the start about the strategy and the first steps in its operational implementation. Focus groups are at the core of implementing the digitalization strategy. Interested parties can work together in these groups on digitalization topics for the whole of TU Wien on the four main focal points of research, teaching, administration and infrastructure. Almost 70 colleagues from various university departments have taken up the call to work together to shape the digital transformation. They are supported by the .digital office, which accompanies and moderates this process from an operational perspective.

Communication is generally an important topic in digital transformation. Since the .digital roadshows, topics have been accompanied by new digital channels such as TUchat and the TUwiki. Regular .digital update events provide an overview of how work in the focus groups and various topics and projects are progressing. In all types of communication, the focus is on giving all interested parties sufficient scope for discussion, questions and input.

Understanding student life

Particular attention was paid in the second half of the year to students at TU Wien. Initial discussions with representatives from the HTU's chairman's team provided the basis for all further activities. At the beginning of November, a workshop was held involving representatives from various student councils at TU Wien, where participants enjoyed an intensive discussion of topics in a joint brainstorming session on the subject of digitalization at TU Wien. In their critical discussion of the topic, students also outlined some of the challenges they faced in their everyday student life and were very interested in working together on improvements as part of the digital transformation process. Further activities are already planned for the summer semester.

Focus 2020: collaboration in the digital age

During the course of this year, many project ideas and proposals have been developed and progressed in the focus groups. The intention is for these to be developed into projects for next year, which will then be prioritised and submitted to the Rector's Office. The first projects should be implemented as early as next year. The topic of 'collaboration', i.e. collaboration in the digital age, will be a focus next year and will be reflected in many projects.

As announced at the November .digital update event, we will continue to keep you informed about current digital transformation topics – both through digital channels, face-to-face conversations and again at one of the regular .digital update events held throughout the year.

We are on track with digital transformation – join us on the journey!

You can find the latest information, dates and the .digital blog on the .digital office website, opens an external URL in a new window or in the TUwiki, opens an external URL in a new window.  You can also contact the .digital office via e-mail or TUchat, opens an external URL in a new window.