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We present: Our new Senior Scientist

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Eduard Nigsch has been chosen for the new position as Senior Scientist.

Portrait photo of Eduard Nigsch

© Pfluegl

Dr. Eduard Nigsch graduated from the University of Vienna in 2010 where he then worked as a project assistant and habilitated in 2016. He has been working at TU Wien as a Postdoc since 2020 in the research group Mathematical Analysis with Prof. Dr. Anton ARNOLD. His research focuses on the areas of PDEs, differential geometry, variational calculus and functional analysis, in which he managed to obtain his FWF stand-alone project "Regularity Theory in Algebras of Generalized Functions" in 2018.

As a replacement for Ass.-Prof. Dr. Clemens HEITZINGER we are happy to have him support us in research and teaching as a Senior Scientist and wish him all the best for his tasks!