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Digital collaboration has never been so easy!

With TU coLAB, TU Wien has a platform for digital collaboration that has now become a real success story. The secret: ease of use, reduced workload and lots of support. We have created a video to provide an overview of the possibilities and real use cases. Watch the video – it's worth your while!

In many areas, common office spaces and meeting tables have long since been abandoned as spaces for cooperation in favour of private computer screens. Standard practice here of course includes video conferences that no longer require any travel time. However, genuine – digital – collaboration goes way beyond this.

Digital support for everyday work

Digital collaboration makes particular sense if I can use instruments that save time and make work easier for my colleagues and I. TU coLAB could do the same for you. This is an end in itself for the TU Wien collaboration platform: to enable and facilitate cooperation between different teams, organisational units and even universities. The principle behind it is extremely simple: I have a space in which I can allow others with authorisation to work. Once it is my space, I can set all this up myself. More than 4,800 users are already doing this across 330 spaces and 11,000 pages.

How can I work together with others in my space?

If you have your own space, you can set it up according to your preferences – and you can even do this in collaboration with others. You can work on the same page of content simultaneously and in real time, and you can see other people's cursors too. But, if you do not have time to be there at the same time as others, you can leave behind comments for your colleagues in the text itself (inline comments) or say something about the entire page right at the end of it using the comment function. If you tag a certain person with the @ symbol, this person will be notified about your comment immediately and will also receive an e-mail.

Macros and plug-ins – the wonderful world of possibilities in TU coLAB

TU coLAB is based on software called Confluence. There are many additional extensions (macros and plug-ins) that supplement this software with additional functions to make working in TU coLAB even more exciting. As a result, it is possible to create minutes, insert tables and even use Gantt charts for collaboration on projects all at the push of a button. In addition to these "large" applications, there are lots of other little helpers that can make work much easier. For example, tables of contents can be integrated or little tick boxes for open tasks or checklists incorporated with a single click. And, of course, you can do much more too...

Just get started – we will provide the support

Yes, it really is that easy. If you want to work in a space, you just need to log in; as long as you are authorised to use this space, you can get straight to work. And, do not worry, we will be on hand to answer any questions. There is now a very active TU coLAB community with its own TUchat channel, opens an external URL in a new window, which often responds to questions faster than we can. On top of this, the regular TU coLAB online consultation, opens an external URL in a new window will be back up and running in autumn to offer help and advice.

TU coLAB also offers several points of contact for getting to know the platform and its functions: comprehensive Help pages, opens an external URL in a new window, a cheat sheet for a quick overview, opens an external URL in a new window that has just launched and a variety of training options. Our TU coLAB basic training, opens an external URL in a new window is scheduled to resume in mid-October and takes a comprehensive and extremely interactive approach to explain the initial steps. The user conference is likely to take place in November and will provide an opportunity for experienced users to discuss and network. And we have created a brand-new, short informational video that showcases the possibilities in TU coLAB. Have a watch and tell us what you think. Have we covered all the important facts about TU coLAB? Or did we miss something? We would be grateful for feedback on the video – please share your thoughts via the comment function in TU coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window!

TU coLAB - die Kollaborations-Plattform der TU im Überblick