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.digital update in the summer semester - with foresight into the digital future

This time, the .digital update offers even more foresight into the digital transformation at TU Wien - und beyond. Join us again virtually when we discuss with our TU-experts.

[Translate to English:] digital update information event on June 7th, 2021. Juni 2021

Hand on heart - who has not found it difficult to look to the (near) future with anticipation after this exhausting pandemic year ? There would be so many interesting topics to explore, especially when it comes to digital innovations. We invite you to share this foresight with us and look forward to welcoming you at the .digital update in the summer semester! Even if we still have to do without YOU - our audience - on site, this time we were able to choose a beautiful location: In keeping with our foresight motto, we will stream live from TUtheSky on June 7th with its wonderful view over Vienna.

Foresight beyond the year 2021

At this event, we would like to particularly emphasize foresight as our leitmotif for this .digital update: The digital transformation at TU Wien has been going on for two years now. How are things going in the near future? What else do we have planned for 2021 (and after)? And what do we learn from our increasingly digital life during the pandemic for the near or more distant future? Which of the new applications, work tools and habits have proven themselves, which ones do we prefer to leave behind? These are just some of the topics that I will address with my experts on site.

Speaking of addressing: As a viewer, you can actively participate in these conversations again. You again have the opportunity to ask questions and raise topics for our experts - also in advance. In order to collect your entries, we have prepared a page for you at TU coLAB: , opens an external URL in a new window

And if you want to be there with us live on Monday, you will find the relevant key data here:

Date: Monday, June 7th, 2020, 10: 00-11: 30h

Location: Zoom

One click on the link and you are part of it. We look forward to your numerous participation!